Meteo Rwanda to enhance climate and hydro-meteorological disaster knowledge during FY2020/21

Rwanda Meteorology Agency (Meteo Rwanda) intends to enhance climate and hydro-meteorological disaster knowledge base to support decision-makers during the Next Fiscal Year 2020/2021. This is one of priority actions presented at the Meteorological Technical Working Group Meeting held on 16th October 2019. The aim of the meeting was to discuss progress in achieving sector objectives for the Fiscal Year 2018/2019 and priority actions for the next Fiscal Year 2020/2021.

Other priority actions for the next Fiscal Year include:

  1. Establish effective weather warnings
  2. Graduate from category 1 to 2 from (Integrating observing networks, data management systems and Integrate climate information)  
  3. Advancing scientific knowledge of the earth system
  4. Applying scientific and technological advances to improve prediction capabilities
  5. Understand better the needs of the country to provide better services
  6. Strengthening core competencies and expertise of Meteo professionals
  7. Establishing strategic partnerships with other institutions national and global to enhance research into services yielding socioeconomic benefits.
  8. Take the opportunity offered by science and technology to develop better services for our people


Mr. Aimable Gahigi, the Director General of Meteo Rwanda said that during the last Fiscal Year a lot was done including training 1787 farmer promoters and 9100 farmers on application of weather and climate information, developing new maproom products, serving 391 historical data requests among others.


He however noted that some of the activities were not done including the fully operationalization of the National Framework for Climate Services (NFCSs) and conducting the feasibility study and curriculum for the Rwanda Meteorological Training and Research Centre (RMTRC) former Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation et de la Météorologie (ENAM). He said that these activities shall be conducted in the current FY 2019/2020.


Meteo Rwanda shall conduct the following studies:

  1. Climate normal for specific user suitability,
  2. Climate and climate change trend and projections,
  3. Seasonal climate characteristic analysis of volcano region for available climate data.


Click here to see the presentation of Meteo Rwanda’s issues and priorities for the Fiscal Year 2020/21


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