Mission, Vision,Value,Quality policy,Quality objective & Mandate

Our vision

To be a Meteorological Service that is highly efficient and effective, customer and employee focused.


Team work,Integrity,Customer Focus and Innovation (TICI).

Quality policy

Users shall always access reliable weather and climate information that meet standards set by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO),the International Civil Aviation Organizational (ICAO) and at both Regional and National Levels.

We are committed to continually improve our Quality Management System (QMS) through ISO 9001:2015.

Quality Objectives

  1. To increase the reliability of weather and climate information (Daily forecast, Five days, ten days, and seasonal forecast) to 90% and timeliness by type of product by 2024;
  2. To attain 80% satisfaction level of individual, institutions and investors of weather and climate products/services users;
  3. To increase meteorological information and products users (individual, institutional, investors subscribers and by demand) by 5% annually;
  4. To increase representativeness of meteorological data at administrative sector level by increasing the number of observation stations from 334 (base year February 2022) to 340 by end 2024.
  1. Our Mission:

To provide accurate, timely weather and climate information and products for the general welfare of the peoples of Rwanda

Our Mandate is:

  1. to establish meteorological stations across the country to identify each climatic zone, monitor such characteristics of and use them towards national development.
  2. to collect, gather and access data of meteorological elements from around the country, and exchange related information to ensure the security of people and the property in accordance with international agreements to which Rwanda is signatory.
  3. to approve weather and climate change data.
  4. to establish a special communication network to be used in collecting and disseminating meteorological elements in accordance with the rules of the World Meteorological Organisation.
  5. to publish and disseminate meteorological data for short and long term weather forecasts towards national development activities.
  6. to provide advance information on unusual weather conditions that may cause disasters, provide advice and educational information through the medias and provide meteorological information to any interested person.
  7. to monitor, analyze and advise on global climate change.
  8. to encourage and assist initiatives to install meteorological stations.
  9. to collect and analyse meteorological data to preserve the meteorological nature.
  10. to ensure the implementation of international agreements that are ratified by Rwanda and relating to meteorology.
  11. to make meteorological study and research and implement the outcome of the research.
  12. to make a partnership with other regional or international agencies that have the same mission in relation to the meteorology in accordance with International Agreements on Meteorology.
  13. to advise the Government on Meteorological policy.
  14. to monitor and develop science, training and advocacy on Meteorology.


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