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Rwanda celebrates International Day of Forests, World Water Day and World Meteorological Day

Every year, Rwanda joins the rest of the world to mark World Water Day, International Day of Forests, and World Meteorological Day. These three global...

Meteo Rwanda’s Meteorologists Enhance their Skills on Weather Radar Products.

Rwanda Meteorology Agency (Meteo Rwanda) jointly with the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) have concluded a weeklong training of Meteo Rwanda’s...

Meteo Rwanda to provide tailored weather forecast for peat power plant in Gisagara district

Rwanda Meteorology Agency (Meteo Rwanda) is considering providing tailored weather forecast for HQ Power Plant based in Gisagara District.



Umuhindo 2022: Hateganyijwe imvura izagabukaho gato ugereranyijwe n'isanzwe igwa mu Umuhindo

Ikigo cy’u Rwanda gishinzwe ubumenyi bw’ikirere (METEO RWANDA) kiratangaza ko umuhindo wa 2022 muri rusange uteganyijwemo imvura izagabanukaho gato ku...

Kayonza: Sector Agronomists trained on how to integrate weather and climate information in agriculture

Rwanda Meteorology Agency (Meteo Rwanda) with support from Kayonza Irrigation and Integrated Watershed Management Project (KIIWP) concluded training...

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