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Itumba 2022: Hateganyijwe imvura nk’isanzwe igwa mu bihe byiza gusa hari aho iziyongera ikaba nyinshi

Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe Ubumenyi bw’Ikirere (Meteo Rwanda) cyatangaje ko muri rusange imvura y’Itumba (Werurwe – Mata- Gicurasi) 2022 iteganyijwe,...

Linkage between climate and tourism

Tourism is one of the largest economic sectors that contribute immensely to the economic development of Rwanda. It is highly considered as an...

Know how meteorological information is vital to energy sector

Energy systems across the globe are becoming increasingly sensitive to weather and climate variability. Meteorology encompasses the science of both...

Why is it imperative to factor weather and climate information in agriculture?

A few decades ago, a farmer would look at the behavior of the sky and guess that the rainfall season is approaching. Because of cultivating on large...

Kayonza citizens want Meteo Rwanda to consider the microclimatic zones while generating weather forecasts.

Unlike other parts of the country that are experiencing rainfall from September to December 2021 season, citizens of Ndego Sector of Kayonza district...

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