Agriculture Sector

The Agro-Meteorology Section of Rwanda Meteorology Agency provides an increasing range of specialized services for those involved in Agriculture.

We provide information related to state of atmosphere, meteorological information related to soil environment, weather data for crops, livestock, fisheries, data on pest and diseases impacting the agriculture, information concerning farming and animal husbandry, data on agricultural yield and production among others.

Key forecasts that are relevant to Agriculture:

1.  Short range forecast

2.  Medium range forecast

3.  Seasonal and inter-annual forecast

Such information is helpful to farmers to identify which crop/variety to be sown, to determine proportion of area under different crop, distribution of seeds, fertilizers etc.,

All in all such meteorological information helps the farmer to make the best use of good season and minimize harmful impacts and adverse conditions resulting from bad weather or climate.

Sustainable Agricultural practices require full use of short and medium weather forecast for achieving full production potential of given environment mainly because such inputs as irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides etc., are sensitive to weather information for optimum production.


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