Weather/Climate Services and Applications Division


•  To produce and disseminate reliable, accurate and timely weather forecast for use to protect lives of people and their property and to assist for use in planning.

How we work: 

•  Gather collected data from different local stations; embed it with remote sensed data, from satellite and Radar station.

•  Analyse the data to produce forecast valid on different time scales (now-casting,short range forecast, medium and long range forecast).

•  The produced weather forecast and climate predictions are tailored to different needs of end users and are very instrumental to informed planning and decision-making.

•  Disseminate weather forecast through a range of communication channels that include broadcast, print and electronic media. 

•  Collect users feedback  

•  We maintain 24/7 watch both at the Meteo Rwanda headquarters and at Kigali International Airport. This ensures that our atmosphere is continuously monitored in order to generate more accurate and reliable advisories to our esteemed clients. 


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