About Rwanda


Rwanda is located in central Africa, it's high elevation makes the climate temperate.

There are two rainy seasons in the year, one from April to May and the other in November. In the high altitude rain forests it can rain at any time of the year, and it does. The two dry seasons are from December to March and from June to October.




Basically Rwanda’s economy was based on agriculture, in the long term, the government aims to transform Rwanda from a low-income agriculture-based economy to a knowledge-based, service-oriented economy with a middle-income status by 2020.


Tourism, minerals, coffee and tea are Rwanda's main sources of foreign exchange.

The Rwandan Government is seeking to become regional leader in information and communication technologies.




Rwanda’s cultural heritage is rich and diversified and have to be safeguarded and promoted reason why Rwanda has elaborated policies such: Policy of Culture and Policy of Cultural Heritage.


Music and dance are an essential part of Rwandan ceremonies, celebration, social gatherings and storytelling.


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